Product review: Barker's Unsweetened Blackcurrant Juice

Last week a superhero dressed up as superman was delivered to GoodNutrition’s doorstep. After undressing it, we discovered a bottle of Unsweetened Blackadder Blackcurrant Juice by Barkers of Geraldine.

Why the superhero dress up was the first question that came to our mind. So we looked up blackcurrants to check for its superpowers and compared them to some other berries. Sure enough blackcurrants stand out for potassium and even more so for their vitamin C content. Blackcurrants are also high in polyphenols, which are compounds beneficial to our health. Some of these polyphenols have potent antioxidant activities, while other polyphenols act as a substrate or food for probiotics, life cultures that keep our gut healthy.

We checked the product label and it shows that the product virtually is (99% squeezed) blackcurrant juice and 1% added vitamin C. Like with other fruit juices a warning light went on; “check the sugar content”. Then we note the producer’s recommendation; dilute 1 part juice with 7 parts of water. So if you follow that recommendation the sugar content per serve is low. And the good side is that even in this diluted form, a serve of juice provides an adult with more than the daily recommended dose of vitamin C.

The high content of polyphenols and vitamin C give this juice a pretty tart taste, which the manufacturer chose not to disguise with added sugar to make taste more appealing. We commend Barkers on this bold decision. However if this superhero is taken undiluted then you will get times 8 more vitamin C but also more sugar per serve. In undiluted form its sugar content is very comparable to that of orange juice.

So if you decide to swap your lemon tea with Barkers Unsweetened Blackadder Blackcurrant juice this winter then follow the manufacturers’ instructions and have it diluted with water. It can be enjoyed as hot or cold drink. With one drink you will receive your daily dose of vitamin C and stay free of sugar overload at the same time.

Disclaimer: GoodNutrition did not receive any financial incentive to write the above product review

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