How to increase Energy and Nutrients in your diet?

As unbelievable as it may sound in today’s environment when obesity is becoming a norm and we witness ever growing reduced quality of life, because of the obesity, there are people out there who are struggling to keep their weight on.

So what is the best diet for those wanting to keep their weight on?

The brief answer is:

The best diet for keeping weight on is the diet which includes foods and drinks high in energy.

While I am saying this, the junk food and fizz are not even remotely entering my mind.

And the reason for this is because people with small appetites need lots of energy and nutrients from their foods.

Where does energy come from?

Foods like potato, steak and peanuts, provide us with energy. In those foods energy is hiding in carbohydrates, proteins and fats. When those foods are eaten whole, and not heavily processed they deliver many other goodness to our body.

Those good bits from whole foods are fibers, vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids fatty acids and phyto-chemicals. They are very much needed by our body so that it can function properly.

Now, because fat contains the most energy, per gram compared to protein or carbohydrate, it is easy to guess that higher fat foods and beverages will have more energy in them.

What are good examples of foods and beverages packed with energy and nutrients?

Some good examples of such foods would be full fat milk and full fat milk products like cheese, yogurt, buttermilk, etc.

In addition to more energy those foods are packed with calcium, phosphorous, vitamins A, D and Riboflavin and high quality protein.

In human diet, it is also important however, to balance animal fat, such is milk fat, with some plant fats like for example fat from nuts, seeds, avocados and olives. Together they provide variety of different nutrients we eat.

In contrast, some commercially created foods may bring about a lots of energy for sure, but very little nutrients. And those foods are best when saved for very special occasions only.

So what are good meal choices out there?

Smoothies with Greek yogurt, full fat milk and fruits are good start to a day. Growing popularity of blenders are making smoothies really quick and easy meal to prepare and drink.

The beauty of a smoothie is that you can not go wrong. All you need is to mix and match foods you like whizz it and drink it. The smoothies are great as snacks and quick meals or just as a top up to your regular meal.

Not a smoothie drinker?

Than try some grainy toast with cream cheese and berries, or French toast with crispy bacon and toasted banana with dollop of ricotta.

Eggs make delicious nutrient and energy bursting breakfasts. They are fantastic in pancakes, pikelets, omelettes and quiches with fresh fruits and yogurts or garden salads.

For lunch you could choose good old sandwiches with egg, cheese, meat or fish and salad filling. Different options are hearty cream soups with grainy rolls or dinner leftovers turned into frittatas and quiches.

For dinner feel free to enjoy pastas, gnocchi, kumara, potato, and rice dishes, or chose to experiment with some popular grains like quinoa, polenta, rye, buckwheat, or chia. Do not forget to top it all up with some good protein and lots of vegies.

If you choose a meat free meal, go adventurous by creating delicious falafels, vegie and legume dips, bean and nut loafs, and vegetable stews and curries.

To get you going we came up with Tofu and Chickpea Curry and published it on our blog. Try it, improve it and enjoy it!!!

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