Filo Pie with Silverbeet and cottage cheese


1 Packet of Filo pastry (TIMOS,375g)

1x 500g fat reduced cottage cheese

1x250g fat reduced sour cream

4x Eggs free range

4 Cup Silverbeet without stems chopped and blanched, drained

Feta Cheese 50g

2tb oil (canola or any preferred)


In a bowl whisk eggs and mix in cottage cheese and sour cream. Into the egg and cheese mixture add blanched silverbeet and roughly chopped feta cheese and mix well.

Start layering two sheets of filo, brush with oil and add the filling. Alternate the layering of filo and silverbeet mixture until all filling is used up. Finish off with three sheets of filo pastry. For stunning finish brush the top with oil or glaze it with whisked egg .

Bake in the preheated oven at 180⁰C for 30 to 40minutes.


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