Chicken Wrap with Curried Yoghurt

This super fast and tasty lunch can be done in a flash. No excuses, just do it and taste it you won't be disappointed. All you need is a little bit of planing in advance, like grocery shopping for example.


1x 86g Chicken in light mayo can (used Pams) or use leftover shredded chicken

1 whole meal wrap (used Nature’s Fresh)

1hand full mesculine salad mix (used Pams)

Carrot sticks, thinly sliced

Capsicum red, thinly sliced

Cucumber slices, thinly sliced

For curried yoghurt (serves 4)

¼ C plain yoghurt

1tsp Curry powder

2tb Coriander, fresh chopped


Heat up the wrap in the sandwich press and place flat on the plate. Toss mesculine lettuce mix onto the wrap, place carrot, capsicum and cucumber onto the lettuce and finally spread chicken on top. Lastly dress the chicken/ salad mix with Curried yoghurt dip and fold into the wrap.

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