Reflection on the year 2016

With Christmas approaching at the galloping speed, we decided to combine November and December issues into one more padded edition.

Therefore, we padded this issue with some extra easy and yummy recipes and even produced a couple of videos.

Since we missed worlds vegan day in November couple of our recipes are vegetarian. So, our videos show one of each, a vegetarian and a meat lover’s recipe. We hope you like how we made Burek and Empanadas with homemade filo pastry

Before finishing the year off, we would like to reflect on some milestones in nutrition practices, community services available to Rotorua residents, events and new knowledge we gained.

The health practitioners practice

The big move in health practitioners practice has been a shift from practitioners to patient-focused approach to health. This means that the patients sit in the drivers’ seat taking an active role on their journey towards their own health.

Diet we eat and our health

This year we saw World Health Organisation’s expressing concern over over-consumption of red and processed meat as well as added sugar in relationship to its effect on the development of non-communicable diseases like some cancers, diabetes, and heart disease and growing rates of obesity and gout. Furthermore, the presence of sugar in most of our everyday foods raised concern not only for health authorities but also for science community like Royal Society of New Zealand. We posted their video about Sugar on our Facebook page.

Prebiotics and probiotics, our gut health, and gut microbiota have sprung many discussions amongst scientists and some health practitioners. It looks as our exposure to a variety of gut microorganisms in early life have lots to do with raising incidences of type 2 diabetes, obesity, hormonal balance and mental health. We will continue talking about this subject as the new evidence comes out in the New Year.

This brings us to the latest initiatives raised by health professionals, nutrition communities and government and that is maternal and pregnancy health. We are seeing growing evidence of how mother's diet and her nutritional status before and during early pregnancy can affect the health of her unborn child. It is that changes in mother’s diet during pregnancy will affect the well-being of her offspring. Therefore, if you are pregnant or know somebody who is, or is planning to become pregnant, we at GOODNUTRITION are offering FREE 30 minutes GROUP SESSIONS to moms and future moms. We are happy to answer your questions about a healthy diet for a healthy pregnancy. Contact us to arrange a session with your group.

National and local initiatives

In Rotorua, we saw some good work done by Healthy Families NZ and birth of local Food Network.

Sports Bay of Plenty is offering a course for pregnant women called the Bump Club. Ministry of Health started B4 School Check Initiative where all pre-schoolers are checked for health markers and overweight and obese children are identified before they start school. Families of those children are invited to engage the whole family with healthier lifestyle practices so their littlies can enjoy happy more energized growing up.

Where to buy organic foods in Rotorua?

Brown owl club is still going strong, offering organic produce from local organic farmers to Rotorua residents; they are selling their produce at Rotorua’s Sunday Market.

Rotorua's’ Sunday Market is a new Councils’ initiative, which is getting more attention and popularity amongst locals. You can find there some quality produces locally grown and sold by the producers and growers. After visiting the market, we discovered organic walnuts and totally fell in love with them.

Goodnutrition's highlights and low-lights for the year!

Well, this year we were sorry to say goodbye to Rotorua Youth Centre and their patient's half way in the year, but we were happy to reconnect with Diabetes Society NZ Rotorua branch. Our participation in their Thursday's meetings each month was well received and appreciated, so we hear. On those meetings, we had loads of fun and great discussions about some hot topics. We also worked on establishing foundations of good eating for diabetes.

One lesson learned from participation in Junk Free June for us was that life without coffee is impossible.

We gave talks to groups and organizations in Rotorua and Opotiki, and some of them were Higgins Contractors Ltd, Family Focus, Cancer Society, Physiotherapists and Midwives of Lakes DHB.

We had been part of three amazing events; one was Tuahara North No 2 Trust’s biannual whanau and Health day in Reporoa, and another two were fundraisers. We helped raise funds for our preschool center, and Koutu Play Centre.

The best of all for us was to get to know our amazing clients over the course of the past year and see many of their achievements. We are very thankful that you let us be part of your journey. We wish you all the best for the coming festive season and for the New Year. We hope to catch up with you in the New Year even if it is just a quick email letting us know how you are doing.

On the personal note, we successfully grew a baby from her beginnings to her tender school age of five. We look forward to learning together with her what challenges young children and people are facing today on their journey of becoming mature adults.

All the very best, happy, and safe holidays From the team at GOODNUTRITION

We will be closing on 23 December, but we will open again on the 9 January in the New Year. We look forward to seeing you in 2017.

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