Simple lunch box for school

You don't have to be a food artist or master chef to put together your children's lunch box .

School children need lots of nutrients and energy from their foods which will feed their brains and fuel those muscles for sport and play.

And sandwiches are great food for busy and growing bodies. Making sandwiches is fast and easy. Start by spreading a couple of slices of grainy bread with hummus, avocado, or margarine, add some egg or ham, slices of cheese, cucumber and that’s done. Finally add a pottle of yoghurt, couple of pieces of fruit, some cherry tomatoes and your child’s lunch box is complete. Do not forget to throw in a cool pack if your child’s lunch box contains perishable foods.

With this foods in your child’s lunch box you can be assured that their developing brains and bodies will get the nourishing and fuel they need most.

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