Treat yourself or your family with this delicious and fast food. Veggie omelette!

If you are vegetarian or sometime non-meat eater, you will know that there are many meals you can do with eggs. While eggs are full of protein they also deliver the whole range of other nutrients our bodies are craving for. I personally was never a big omelette’s fan. Only recently I discovered omelette recipe I do enjoy eating.

For this simple recipe, which makes 3 serves, I used

3 Large free range eggs

¼ Cup diced red capsicum

1 Medium tomato

½ Clove minced garlic

1 Hand-full of chopped basil

2tb Olive oil

2tb Grated Edam cheese


In the frying pan, warm up the oil and garlic and keep stirring until garlic is cooked. Now add to the pan capsicum, tomato and basil. Keep it on medium heat and stir occasionally. When vegetables have softened pour whisked eggs over them and cook until the bottom of the omelette is cooked. Turn the omelette over and cook for another half a minute and dish out on a plate or warm slice of ciabatta bun, sourdough or grainy bread. Serve with side salad.


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