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Updated: Mar 2, 2020

We have exciting news!

We are running a carb counting course again. Yes it is the same one we run in November/December last year with Diabetes NZ. Why? We want to clarify a thing or two about carbohydrates, and of course to demonstrate how to calculate carbohydrates in our meals.

Recently I had a lots of chats about carbohydrates with my clients those with diabetes and those without. And what I discovered is that lots of people are still genuinely confused about carbohydrates. Beyond sugar, and we have all heard a lots about sugar, people are not really sure what they are and where to expect them in their meals.

This is normally not an issue if you have a reasonably healthy diet and no preexisting medical condition. If you are diabetes patient however, than learning and knowing about your carbs becomes a lesson that will stick with you for life. The sooner you learn about them the sooner you can start enjoying good health. Good health indeed, because now that you know where to find them you can make better choices for yourself. Your choice may not be to avoid carbohydrate completely but you may want to tweak a little how much of it you have per sitting and what type of carbs you will have. And maybe learn how to enjoy some new foods. This does not mean you can never enjoy your old favorite , it just means you will need to save it for a treat and enjoy it on special occasion, especially if this favorite sends your blood sugar sky rocketing.

If you have a friend or family member with diabetes who would benefit from learning a thing or two about carbs, please let them know about this course they will appreciate that you helped them.

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