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All that there is to know about healthy eating. Dr Mike Evans explains
Tatjana Smolic

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 Perhaps future dietary advice will be even more individualized than we made it in the past !


Within the last decade we learned a lot about our  genes, nutrition and gut bacteria and how they interplay in  our health and well-being including maintaining healthy weight .


Check it out for yourself by linking to TEDx talk by Dr Eran Segal

What is the best diet for ME?
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Self help page is here to give you another insights and additional information about healthy diet from other internet sources we  trust.


  Growing evidence concerning diet and health is getting clear that no single diet is the key to wellness. We are all individuals with unique set of genes and we respond to different diets differently.

Secret to staying slim!

Here are portrayed two slim people, who haven't got a clue why they are slim. So they agreed to be followed for several days to uncover their secrets of staying slim.

It turned out that those two individuals are habitually more active, had regular home made meals, were generally not overeating, were not great on snacking or into regular drinking of alcohol.

Oh yes and they carry healthy  bacteria in their gut!